Under his leadership, the Harrisburg City School District reorganized $95m in bonds and the district began to recognize surplusses in excess of $10m.

Bradley P. Shopp
Feinberg Shopp Associates

I have been a life long, and very involved resident of the City of Harrisburg, and I went to the City schools, and graduated from William Penn High School. I served on The Harrisburg School Board,City Council, and a former City Solicitor of Harrisburg. I was so excited when The Secretary of Education of Pa. appointed Gene Veno as The Chief Recovery Officer for the City Schools when the State had no choice but to assist our Schools when they were failing. I can tell you that Gene Veno was absolutely fantastic, and he was able to bring together so many different groups and individuals with conflicting views, to begin to work together for the future success of the City Schools. He is not only very bright, but had the rare ability to not let petty politics, and some constant negativity, interfere with his appointed mission. Frankly, I marveled at his outstanding skill set, and the always classy demeanor he  demonstrated in the ongoing difficult atmosphere that exists in running the City Schools.   An added plus that I saw, as did so many other residents, was his tremendous ability to respond and work with  the media  in a very clear way,and also to conduct public meetings and  press conferences, he had to hold.   He is an excellent mediator, with always a very calming and focused agenda. read more

Corky Goldstein, Esq.
Senior Counsel with Mooney & Associates, LLC

Gene Veno served capably as the Chief Recovery Officer of the Harrisburg City School District during the Act 141 Recovery Plan. During his tenure as the Chief Recovery Officer, I observed how Gene brought fiscal stability to a school district that was in a dire, if not desperate, financial situation. As a direct result of his conscientious efforts, the school district was able to control costs and improve its Bond Rating on Wall Street, thereby stabilizing the financial environment in the district. I could not commend Gene more for what he did to help the Harrisburg City School District. Gene is a consummate mediator and an individual who works diligently to find the needed solutions for entities in need of financial and organizational recovery.

Wendell V. Courtney, Esq.
Smigel, Anderson & Sacks, LLP

As receiver to the HSD, Gene brought fiscal stability and improved the overall management and professionalism of the elected school board. Through his efforts, the HSD was able to control costs and meet expenses to stabilize the learning environment provided by the administration and the teachers for the benefit of the students and parents of the district.

Andrew Giorgione

I am pleased to endorse the fine work that Gene Veno accomplished as the Recovery Officer with the Harrisburg City School District. Mr Veno impressed me with his thorough understanding of his role as Recovery Officer. He immediately gained my respect and the community’s with his sense for the need for inclusion and began to bring all segments of the District to the table…no one was left out. Tough decisions were made in a tough environment and Gene made sure every aspect was researched so the best decision was achieved. He was given a huge task to perform and this man worked diligently to accomplish it. Gene Veno is a man of integrity, a rare ingredient in our culture today. I am very proud to call him a friend, and if I would need to recommend him, I would give him my highest recommendation without any reservation whatsoever. read more

Peter C. Wambach
Former Member, PA House of Representatives, 103rd Legislative District

Gene Veno is a professional administrator, manager, and marketer. His broad depth of hands-on experience in not only association management, but also working with, mentoring, and helping entrepreneurs and small business grow is amazing. Now, through the power of the internet and podcasts, entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the county have access to Gene’s wisdom 24/7.” 

Jim Palmer
President Dynamic Communications, NoHassle Newsletters

Gene has coordinated many conventions and seminars over the years and I have found him to have high integrity and professional control to make the seminars well attended and run smoothly. He has the gift of being in the background while orchestrating what needs to be done. Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity.

Dr. Kevin Hearon

Gene is great to work with since he is visionary yet detail oriented at the same time, and is a skilled manager. He is a motivational and informative speaker who brings personal warmth as well as skill and guidance to his engagements.

Holly Soffe

“Gene is a wonderful speaker. I’ve seen Gene speak to a group of people who really did not understand the concept of the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters and when Gene had completed his talk, the attendees were informed and educated. They left the room with knowledge and understanding. Gene and I also worked together on a Podcast and he made it so easy to do and was able to get information in a concise format that anyone would be able to put into practice immediately.

Merle Margolese
Owner, Merle Margolese Presents...

Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Veno on 2 different projects. In both projects, Mr. Veno took the project head on, steering it in the right direction. Mr. Veno has a wealth of knowledge relating to Non-Profit, Association, and Business Management. I would recommend Mr. Veno to anyone who would like to expand their management or business horizon, be if for or not-for profit.

Gunter Volders
Chief Operating Officer. Intelmarx, LLC