About Our Company

Since 1986, organizations at an impasse have been forging new horizons with the help of Gene Veno. Gene Veno and Associates are builders – just not in the ordinary sense. Rather than designing and constructing things made from bricks and mortar, they work with organizations and individuals to build them into what they want to be.


Gene Veno & Associates provides fiscal stability and expertise in managing clients needs.


Gene Veno & his Associates provide the highest level of professionalism and ethical service with their many years of knowledge to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients.

Strategic Planning

Gene Veno & Associates are detailed oriented offering new strategies for our clients that provide a new vision for a successful outcome.

Expert Testimony

  • Gene Veno has testified before state houses nationwide, appearing before House & Senate Committees providing expert testimony to legislators and regulators to ensure our clients needs are well represented in crafting new laws.
  • Motivational speaker to mobilize members of an Association or Corporation to get involved with their profession informing legislators on the importance of their business and services
  • Develops power point presentations that capture the intent of our clients needs