What is Your Action Plan for Job Security?

In today’s uncertain economy, no one can afford stagnant job skills. No matter how secure you might feel in your job, you—like all our nation’s workers—are vulnerable. Professionals in auto dealerships, banks, and home construction have seen jobs, profits, and businesses crumble in a surprisingly short time. Could job loss happen to you? Absolutely. Examples are everywhere. In 2009, with close to 15% unemployment (with all age groups combined), we are seeing the highest level of unemployment since World War II.

What are you doing to survive the economic “death spiral?” What are you doing to prepare for the next job-related challenge that is looming on your horizon?

It’s time to enter Career Boost Training Camp!

With the exception of a few franchise players, professional athletes attend training camp each season, taking nothing for granted. Players work hard to refresh and add new skills, knowing that anything can happen in training camp. Competition for their spot on the roster is biting at their heels. Can you afford to prepare less? Are you less of a professional? Is it realistic to expect your own job to remain stable as competitors are biting at everyone’s heels?

It’s time to begin focusing on “you” and building the necessary skills to keep you in shape, so you not only make the team, but excel in your role as a leading player. Join two nationally known business experts for a series of podcasts that will transform the way you view your current position and your relationships with colleagues.